Kentucky Teacher Lessons
Personal Finance and Economics

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The following are Kentucky Teacher-created Lessons that are aligned to Kentucky state standards - economics and/or personal finance.  Please feel free to use these lessons and share with your colleagues.  If you would like to have a lesson posted on our website, please submit to susan@econ.orgThanks to State Farm for the grant to allow us to present these to you!  You may also find these and more lessons on the KCEE CIITS server!

The top-rated lesson submissions were by Tonya Sandlin, Jayme Tracy, and David Sandlin.  Congratulations!  These teachers will be recognized at the KCEE Award Banquet in May.

Understanding Goods/Services and Wants/Needs 2-4
Understanding resources - capital, human, and natural 2-4
Understanding supply, demand, and scarcity 2-4
Triangular Slave Trade and Rice Krispies 4-6
Cookie Mining - production/profit 5-8
Monopoly "Our Way", Learning Economics through the Game of Monopoly
     Monopoly Handout
     Monoply Chance
     Monoply Tips
     Economics I Can
     Economics Vocabulary
     Alexander Open Response
     Monoply Project Grade Report
T-Shirt Travels (Economic Interdependence)
T-Shirt graph
Family Budget Project
      Copy of Budget.xls
EducationTraining Financial Benefits 9-12
Budgeting for the Future - Ms. Tracy's Game of Life
     Mrs. Tracy's Game of Life Scenarios
     Mrs. Tracy's Game of Life Journal
     Mrs. Tracy's Game of Life Personal Budget Form
     Mrs. Tracy's Game of Life PPT.
Stock Market Internet Scavenger Hunt 9-12
My Spring Break (budgeting) 9-12
Planning  a Trip 9-12
What Determines the Price of Stocks? 9-12
Create A New Business in your Community 9-12
I'm Going to Disney World! A Budget Simulation 9-12
Choosing A Franchise 9-12
Interest is the 8th Wonder of the world
     BCA OBS The Power of Interest PPT.
Economic History Sorting Activity 9-12
Global Economy Project 9-12
Lead On! Lesson Plan for Business Management & Operations 9-12
Comparison Shopping 9-12
Buying A House 9-12
Dangers of Debt 9-12
Planning a Trip 9-12
Family Budget  9-12
Owning A Vehicle 9-12
Human Relatons
     Human Relations PPT.
     Warranties Handout
     Warranties PPT.
     Warranties Review
Stock market - Diversification of your portfolio
     Diversification PPT.