Shows I've Directed

Show Stage Type Year
Pictures in the Hallway (Readers Theatre) Proscenium 1962
The Glass Menagerie Proscenium 1963
Our Town Arena 1964
Between Two Thieves Proscenium 1964
Tartuffe Proscenium 1964
Royal Gambit Thrust 1965
Antigone Thrust 1966
The Playboy of the Western World Proscenium 1966
A Phoenix Too Frequent & Oswald and Zenaide Proscenium 1967
Arms and the Man Proscenium 1967
The Importance of Being Earnest Proscenium 1968
After the War to End War (Readers Theatre) Thrust 1968
I Knock at the Door (Readers Theatre) Thrust 1968
Both Sides of Love (Readers Theatre) Thrust 1969
Christ in the Concrete City Proscenium 1970
Winnie the Pooh (Chamber Theatre) Thrust 1970
Who Said Freddy Was Dead? (New Script) Proscenium 1973
The Sty of the Blind Pig Proscenium 1974
Purlie Victorious Proscenium 1974
In White America Proscenium 1976
Jesus Laughed (New Script) Proscenium 1977
To Be Young, Gifted, and Black Proscenium 1978
Tartuffe Proscenium 1978
Man and Wife (New Script) Proscenium 1979
Day of Absence Proscenium 1979
Livin' Fat Proscenium 1980
It's Showdown Time Proscenium 1981
Sizwe Bansi is Dead Proscenium 1982
I Ain't Lying (Readers Theatre) Thrust 1984
Three Works by Alice Walker Video 1984

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