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The wall, ready for the mural

Before the mural

Local students, community members and some of the residents of the State Correctional Facility in Fayette started work on Cultural Crossroads' new mural under the direction of Oxford artist/architect Dennis Sullivan.

Planning for the mural started Wednesday May 29th 1996.

Planning the Mural  May 29, 1996

Mural May 31
This was how it looked by May 31.

The mural June 1
And June 1.

The mural June 4The mural June 4
 The upper level develops June 4.

The mural June 7

By June 7, things are starting to pull together.

The mural June 12
The mural June 12
The mural June 12
The mural, June 12

Things were really shaping up by June 11 and 12.  

The finished mural The finished mural
And, finally, things were finished.
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