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In our current troubled economy, and with the introduction of new
financial product on the market today, financial choices have
become more and more complex. With nearly 75% of all employees
living paycheck-to-paycheck, personal finance issues can adversely
affect the work performance. To combat this growing trend, employers
are increasingly offering workplace personal financial education for their employees as part of their benefits program. No one can afford to be financially illiterate!

The top 10 reason why employers embrace workplace financial education includes:

1. To increase participation in and contributions to 401(K), 403(B), and other retirement plans.
2. To help workers improve their personal financial wellness.
3. To help workers remove obstacles to fully funding their retirement plans.
4. To increase employee loyalty and morale.
5. To improve workers chances to retire early or on time.
6. To reduce workers stress.
7. To increase workplace productivity.
8. To reduce the incidence of employee theft.
9. To help employers avoid lawsuits.
10. To remove limits on tax-deferred savings for highly compensated employees

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The Kentucky Council on Economic Education can help you meet your needs in providing financial education
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