Welcome to the new American SoftSwitch website. 

While it is currently under construction, please feel free to contact our company President, Michael Tague at tague@AmericanCLEC.com


American SoftSwitch is your company’s bridge to the SS7 world.  While the SS7 network holds immense potential for your company, it may often seem unobtainable because of both financial and engineering limitations. 

Buying a switch can start at a ¼ million dollars, and considerable investment is required to build your own.  Building a switch involves equipment costs in addition to the man power to construct it.

American Softswitch provides you a permanent solution to bridge your network to the SS7 network.  We have already done the prerequisite work and are, ourselves, a part of the SS7 network.  Now we provide a service to conquer the gap you are facing.  Our ability to eliminate this gap can lend itself to other possibilities.  As a bonus, the money you save can be invested into other parts of your business.    

Our services enable your company to go forth into the SS7 world without the struggle and financial stress of doing it on your own.







American SoftSwitch
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