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Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje 

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SNG Drama in Opera Maribor

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Znanje in denar ( knowledge and money )

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I m Rok Volfand from Celje ( in the middle of Slovenia with 45-50.000 people, the third city in the state of Slovenia) . My wife is working in the theatre ( Slovensko ljudsko gledalis(c(e in Celje, Slovenia ). I don't know how to explain her work in english, but she is between propagand and responsibility of planning plays, etc...Celje theater is the third or fourth in Slovenia with 23 actors, 6 premiers in season. We have 300 chairs in the theater and two floors. One is named big stage ( for 300 visitors ) and a small stage which is under the big stage ( for 80-100 visitors in it s more intimate.( for small plays 2-5 actors and with one premier per year ).

The reason that I m writing to you is that I m developing ( I'm not a professional ) their www site. On one page I ve decided to put some usefull links in. You know links to other theaters in Slovenia, amaturs theaters, culture department in the government.....etc. Then I ve decide, for fun, I ll put some world links to ( Broadway,...) Then I ve found you and decide to put your link too.When I saw the Slovenia link in your page I realise later that the link is out. So I ve decided to write you a letter and send you some links to theaters in Slovenia.....It is sad because almost non of them is in English to......but however maybe you ll have a nice day because of that.....