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Alleged journalist Brendan O'Neill again demonstrates his cluelessness by denouncing interblog linkage.

He thinks that N.Z. Bear's Blogosphere Ecosystem is intended to be a list of blogs whose worth is measured in terms of their interconnectivity, despite Bear's repeated insistence that it is meant to measure only the interlinkage between blogs, and not their quality.  As a journalist, however, we may suppose that he is accustomed only scribbling words, not reading them.

He repeats, in fact, the accusation that the linkage is "incestuous" (haven't we heard this before from the loony left?  As a professional journalist, ought he not to learn some new words, if not to avoid clichés altogether?)  He is, apparently, comfortable only with the academic position of sitting on his prat and laying down the law to a humble and receptive audience.  The notion of actual discussion of what he doubtless calls his ideas by the unfortunate lecturees is foreign to him.

To reduce the degree of incestuousness in the blogosphere, I shall not bother to link to him.  After all, linkage ought to be a measure of the worthiness of a blog, and his is not worthy of it.

John "Akatsukami" Braue Saturday, July 20, 2002