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Why Wiccans Suck

Why do Wiccans suck?  The author is, I think, arguing that Wiccans do not suck, but that teenagers who think that pretending to be Wiccan is cool suck.  As he says, "Wicca is a religion, and witchcraft is a science, and neither is a fashion statement" (although I think that witchcraft, which he seems to equate with ritual magic, ought to be reckoned more of a technology that a science).

I feel the same way about teenagers who think that a Goth is a vegetarian pretending to be a vampire, and not a fur-clad barbarian who trashed the Roman Empire.

(UPDATE:  And I forgot to mention that the link comes through Andrew Ian Dodge.  Shame on me.)

John "Akatsukami" Braue Friday, July 19, 2002