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A blogroll, please

And two new additions (shamefully overdue) to that blogroll:

The first is No Watermelons Allowed, which name its author J. Bowen states was inspired by Warren Brookes' use of the term "watermelon":  someone who is Green on the outside, but Red on the inside.  I picked the term up myself from the writings of Dr. Petr Beckmann; I know, however, that Beckmann had considerable respect for Brookes and considerable fondness for his writings, so he may well have himself adopted the term from Brookes.  In any case, I think that the title speaks for itself.

The second is The Paxety Pages, by J. E. Simmons.  His opinions on politics and the media are intelligent (i.e., compatible with mine :) ); more impressive, I think,  are his vita, his photographs, and his stories and articles.  Anyone (e.g., me) can write; few can write well (not to mention take photographs well).  You are missing much if you do not read his blog; you are still missing much if you only read his blog, and not the rest of his site.

John "Akatsukami" Braue Thursday, May 09, 2002