Rat's Nest
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Hear a discouraging word

I've haven't blogged to speak of in the past couple of days because nothing has tickled my fancy to write about.  I've also been searching for and downloading music that is so depressing that after listening to it I'll either

  1. Kill myself, or
  2. Snap out of my depression with a contemptuous snort.

So far the smart money is on #2, but don't bet the ranch on it.

I downloaded Liz Phair's Divorce Song, but I frankly don't find it very depressing at all.  Possibly my emotions are wired up wrong.  Tomorrow, I plan to score Lucinda Williams' Drunken Angel.

On a rather remotely related topic, there's been some damned bird singing away outside -- at 0145.  It finally seems to have shut up.

And on a topic not visibly related at all, someone on a mailing list that I'm on asked the generality, "If you knew that in sixty seconds you would be transported to a habitable but empty planet in the company of the other subscribers to this list, what would you grab?"  I'd grab my wakizashi; given the state of my health, the second-best service that I could do for my fellow transportees would be to kill myself on arrival (the best would probably be to wait until they were really stressed out from the struggle, and then kill myself for their entertainment).

John "Akatsukami" Braue Thursday, June 20, 2002