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Jackson Reaction

The reactions among the people that I know to the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" have been two-fold:

  1. "Janet who?"
  2. "Look, it was a publicity stunt by two fading pop stars and a geriatric video jukebox network. Can we talk about something real now?"
I incline to the latter view myself.

The whole half-time performance sucked. CBS ought to be fined, not for violating broadcast standards, but for having the bad taste to put it together in the first place. One person that I know called it "an attempt to justify bin Laden's call for jihad against the West".

The discussion seems to be controlled by a very small group of reactionary yahoos who think that Jackson et al. need to be treatd with something more serious than contempt, and a rather larger number of faux-edgy commentators who natter on about it as though not being admiringly riveted by the sight of a tit on broadast TV is a serious moral failing.

Not only La Jackson, but the whole phalanx of self-styled ultrapostmodernists can be written off as fluff.

John "Akatsukami" Braue Thursday, February 05, 2004