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Valuable Arabs, throwaway Jews

Reuters publishes a claim by Hamas that an Arab state foiled an Israeli plan to assassinate its leaders.  The press release doesn't contain a byte of verifiable information, however -- the mouthpiece for Hamas doesn't identify who, where, or when, and the Israeli government, naturally enough, ain't sayin' nuthin'.  This is the kind of "news" that is of meaning only to the gullible news junkie who thinks that possessing a word processor, and fax machine, and a T1 connection automatically makes one incapable of lying.  That there was such a plan should be taken with as much as salt as will not raise one's blood pressure to dangerous levels.

That there is any veracity to the idea at all -- the general notion that Mossad is targeting terrorist handlers, not that there was a specific plan thwarted by Arab "security services", an oxymoron if ever there was one -- is suggested by the mere issuance of this propaganda. It is apparently a crime for Israel to target Hamas thugs for assassination, but perfectly acceptable, apparently for Hamas to murder Israeli civilians.

(By the way, Muhammed, your squawking gives the lie to your claim that Hamas is not intimated.  It suggests that Hamas is intimidated, and frantically attempting to use its fellow travelers in the media to put pressure on the Israeli government to desist.)

There is, however, a very worrisome claim, which Reuters of course includes as an throw-away line, as if reporting an established fact of nature.  To wit:

The quartet of Middle East peacemakers -- the United States, Russia, the European Union (news- web sites) and the United Nations (news- web sites) -- said last week Israel had the right to act in self-defense.


But it called for an end to settlement activity, criticized an Israeli security fence and appealed to Israel to minimize civilian casualties.

(Emphasis added.)

Is not a security fence in essence a totally passive defense, at most reacting against those -- whether terrorists or "mere" illegal immigrants -- who would attempt to breach it for their nefarious purposes?  Whilst the Middle East "peacemakers" -- a group in which, shamefully, the U.S. is included -- pay lip-service to the Israeli right of self-defense, they apparently deny that it can be exercised.

Miso-Judaism in Europe has never really gone away.  Whilst Nazi atrocities embarrassed European miso-Judaists into keeping silent for decades, the memory of the Shoah has now faded enough that they can be respectable again.  This, combined with the depraved bloodlust so often demonstrated in European history, suggests that European political bosses merely want to spin out the destruction of Israeli for as long as possible, to maximize the titillation of their subject.  If so, they ought to remember that their hand-wringing about Arab desperation applies equally to Israeli desperation. 

John "Akatsukami" Braue Wednesday, October 01, 2003