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The Other Extreme

A group styling itself "Independent Texans" has an on-line petition calling for an independent districting commission in Texas.

And, of course, if and when said petition is delivered to the Texas state legislature, the legislators will say, "A e-petition e-signed by a bunch of geeks who couldn't even get off their fat asses to really sign a real petition, but thought that they could just sit in front of their computers and click away?  Boys, I don't know if any of these names are real, but if they are, we've got a list of people who won't drive to the polls and vote against us no matter what we do!"

I tell you three times, and what I tell you three times is true:  politicians don't even read e-petitions.  They hire college freshmen as interns at minimum wage to delete that stuff from their mail boxes, sight unseen.

John "Akatsukami" Braue Tuesday, September 30, 2003