COMMENTATOR: Hear this the tale of the giant stone eater

GIRL: Gather round boys and girls and listen

MAN: To the tale of the giant stone eater
and how the earth was ravaged
during the years of the great stone shortage...

COMMENTATOR: Raised the price of diesel oil
and yellow painted signs zigzagged
black lines of warning......

GIRL & MAN: Another tree dies of shame.....

MAN: Sudden-savage-shining-solid-soiled-solid-sanded
Steel-shuddering-shattering-shovelling until the
Sabre toothed rooter roots the earth
The eater eats his fill and is not satisfied and
Roars and reves his mathematical rage
on the footprints of Vikings
trapped on a sonic tape recorder
ten million years old, ten million years old, ten million years old.

GIRL: A broken antler points the way to the still pond

where reflections of bonnie Prince Charlie lies wounded in the
shallow water sun shining on chrome surfaces
protecting the tales of a grandfather -
march on!

GIRL & MAN: Journeys unstarted measure space for future parking lots
Journeys unstarted measure space
Journeys unstarted measure space for the future

COMMENTATOR: And - underneath a million tons of cold lava
a brontasaurus lies wrong way up.

GIRL: Right way straight ahead

MAN: Hamburgers at the barn dance tonight!

COMMENTATOR: Average speed 100 mph
sixteen lane highways cross the meadows

GIRL: Plastic space agents selling candy-floss contracts

ALL TOGETHER: Bells ringing "ring ring" split, grind and grovel
Lost iron relics ringing on the cold stone

GIRL: A spated river flows up hill
directions change in the New Age rain on Tuesdays...

COMMENTATOR: Thursdays guaranteed dry!...
Guaranteed dry while handmade golf courses
weary of trickery and fraud
Grey slates remain grey slates -
floods as required life silently reforms in the pools of stagnation.
Each layer a civilisation - buy your own layer
The eater eats again retches roars and vomits
his computerised future is bright with security
Headshrinkers analyse the unknown....
Meanwhile another tree dies of shame

ALL TOGETHER: And another tree dies of shame.....