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Thanks to all the great fans for all the support over the years, all the awesome emails, the friendship and camaradarie in fandom! Without all of you remembering Alex and the Boyz in the band, this site wouldn't be possible.

Thank you !


The premature death of Alex Harvey in February 1982, in Zeebrugen, Belgium, was more than just a personal tragedy for his many fans - the pop scene in general also lost one of its most colorful and talented characters. It's true that Harvey never scaled the same heights of success as some of rock music's other lost heroes, but he made a solid contribution to the 70's rock scene which will guarantee him a place in the history of pop.

Alex died on the eve of his 47th birthday, and was mourned by thousands of fans. One can only wonder what he would have been doing now, had he lived, but at least we are left with a legacy of fine recordings by the one and only, Alex Harvey.

Alex, this site is dedicated to you..........

Alex was born in Kinning Park, Glasgow, Scotland, on February 5, 1935. The lyrics of his songs tell about his childhood on the dark streets in the worker's parts of town.

He had as many as 36 different jobs, and started his own group, the legendary "Big Soul Band". He mostly played the songs of Bo Diddley. "When I was 20, I didn't want to listen to any white singer except Hank Williams, because I thought only the black people in the south of the USA could play the original blues."

Back in the 60's, Alex appeared in cabarets and night clubs wearing a dinner jacket! He then joined the orchestra of the musical "Hair" where he worked for 5 years.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band was founded in 1972. The group first started as support for such teenage idol bands like "Slade".

One of the reasons of the band's success was discipline. Alex said: "You can't go anywhere in the music business without discipline."


I first saw Alex at the Roxy Theatre in Northampton, Pennsylvania in 1974. I hadn't heard of him, but in those days, ANY concert was worth going to! I remember sitting in the theatre, smelling that "certain" sweet smoke smell, and being completely enthralled with the band. Alex and the boys were so full of energy and their theatrics were like those I'd never seen in a concert. They were so unique. I remember the fake brick wall behind Alex. He had that stocking pulled over his face and had his spray paint can aimed. He started painting "VAMBO ROOLS", when he accidently ran off the wall and painted the theatre curtain! That paint stain was there for years!

I went back to my home town theatre and asked the owner about that curtain. He told me they had donated it to a church when they bought the new curtain. I was devastated! I WANTED THAT CURTAIN!! (Or at least the piece with Alex's paint on it!) Oh well.

Later that week, I was talking to my step-mother about it and she told me that it was HER church the curtain was donated to! She informed me that the curtain was (gulp) cut up and used to make car covers for antique cars! I was too late. (sigh)


                    The Roxy Theatre still has photos of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band on the wall behind the stage.

I've seen them.

I want them. ;-)

UPDATE: All the Roxy photos have been scanned and reassembled in 2 HUGE collages in the lobby of the theatre!
And, of course, the owner put our very own Alex Harvey right in the center of one of them!
Thank you Richard Wolfe!


Here's the Roxy Theatre ticket from the Alex concert back in 1974. Can you believe the price?!!

Roxy Ticket

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I know I speak for all SAHB fans...............Alex, we sure miss you......

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