TOPIC OUTLINE ver. 6-1-2001

CECS 694

Information Security

Secure Computing, Trusted Systems & Privacy
University of Louisville
Summer 2001

May 14-July 18, 2001
Topic Outline/Class Schedule

Note:  This schedule is subject to change during the semester. 
Assignments for the Information Security Laboratory under Keith Stevenson's direction are in addition to the schedule set forth below; these entail, generally, securing your system, detection of system compromise and recovery from system compromise.





Also see online reading list for CECS 311 which is updated during the semester.

1a 5-14


Introduction to Class/
Review Course Plans

Legal and Ethical Concerns

Laws relating to Computer, Network and Data Access

inter alia, Computer Fraud & Abuse Act: 18 USCS 1030,Electronic Communications Privacy Act: 18 USCS 2510--2521 and 2701 --2721, Digital Millennium Copyright Act

ACM Code of Ethics; Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (Illinois Institute of Technology)

1b 5-16


Legal & Ethical Information Practices

Toxen, Ch. 21

Special Agents James Harris and  Greg Johnson, Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)

2a 5-21


OS Security Models

Stallings, Ch. 1

Toxen, Ch. 1

Keith Stevenson

2b 5-23


Encryption Stallings, Chapters 2 & 3

Prof. Desoky

  Submission of paper topic due
Submission of team project topic due
3a 5-28 Memorial Day
3b 5-30 Practical Security Toxen, Ch. 2 & 3


4a 6-4 Security Theory Toxen, Ch. 10

Case Studies

4b 6-6  IP Security

Stallings, Chapters 6 & 8

Toxen, Ch. 5 & 5

HIPPA regulations

Scott Moore

5a 6-11 E-Mail Security Stallings, Chapter 5 & 10

Prof. Adel Elmaghraby

  Outline of paper topic and Peer Review of Outline Submit to Professors Losavio & Ragade
5b 6-13 Secure Protocols Panel
6a 6-18 Firewalls Stallings, Ch. 5 & 10


6b 6-20 Intrusion Detection


Stallings, Chapter 9

Toxen, Ch. 15, 16 & 17


7a 6-25 Worms & Virii Stallings, Ch. 9
7b 6-27  Web Security, Java & Active X Stallings, Ch. 7
  Draft of paper due - 1 hard copy at beginning of class, 1 electronic copy emailed to both Professors Ragade and Losavio

Peer Review of draft paper

Draft to be minimum 8 pages, 12 point Times Roman font, double spaced, 1" margins on 81/2"x11" white unglazed paper; copious citations as footnotes required.
8a 7-2 Recovery From Compromise Toxen, Ch. 18, 19 & 20


  Outline of planned presentation due Submit to Professors Losavio & Ragade 
8b 7-4 Independence Day
9a 7-9 Review of Secure Computing & Administrative Practices Toxen, Ch. 2 & 7

Ron Moore

9b 7-11 Security Policy and Users Alice Rademacher
  Student papers due-Maximum of 3 pages,12 point Times Roman font, double spaced, 1" margins on 81/2"x11" white unglazed paper; relevant citations as footnotes required.  (Turn in at beginning of class)

Ragade & Losavio

Class Presentations

Groups 1 & 3

Approximately hour presentations with class analysis, critique and questions


Ragade & Losavio

Class Presentations

Groups 2 & 4

Approximately hour presentations with class analysis, critique and questions

Key for Readings in Schedule:

 Required Texts
Stallings, William Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards
Toxen, Bob Real World Linux Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection & Recovery, 1e

Supplemental Reading as assigned

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Use for non profit educational purposes is granted provided source is credited.

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