Spire of the Port Gibson Presbyterian Church  (1859)Port Gibson, Mississippi

Welcome to Port Gibson, "The town too beautiful to burn." This scenic town is the state's third oldest.

The City is a
Main Street Community and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Both Port Gibson and surrounding Claiborne County are part of the Certified Local Government Program. Port Gibson's Main Street Program has provided leadership in the transformation of Port Gibson's Main Street.

In 1996, Port Gibson was a participant in The Countryside Exchange sponsored by the Glynwood Institute. Port Gibson, creating a common agenda, is one of three profiles included in the publication Shaping the Future - Lessons Learned - Ten Year of the Countryside Exchange.

You can see a map of Port Gibson's Historic sites. Nearby is the Port Gibson Battlefield
part of the Vicksburg Campaign Trail

Port Gibson is located in the Kudzu covered hills of Claiborne County, just off the Natchez Trace.The old Natchez Trace

It is located on US Route 61 between Natchez and Vicksburg.

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The Port Gibson Heritage Festival will be held in March 2004. There are details on the Festival website. Check here for details on the Festival.

We are proud of our many historic buildings.
Irvin Russell Memorial Building (City Hall)  1842              The newly restored McFatter Law Office  The Port Gibson Bank (1840)
  The ex-Temple Gemiluth Chassed   (1891)  

And of our communities' lovely homes.
Gibson's Landing Bed & Breakfast
                           The Gage House (1830s)

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The house below isn't as old or as fancy as many, but its where I live. The "Old Shaifer House" was built ca. 1900 and is located at the south end of Market (Main) Street. The Shaifers built the house when the moved to town from the house that still remains on the Port Gibson Battlefield.
                                                                    Where I live  (The Schaifer House  ca. 1907)
I live just down the street from the Piggly Wiggly. The store is managed by George Hudson who for a long time had the only other local Homepage. There are several more now however which are listed below.
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Cultural Resources

This is the home of the Harriette Person Memorial Library.

The Harriette Person Memorial Library (Ca. 1840)
Mississippi Cultural Crossroads promotes a variety of community activities. They have been awarded two Governor's awards for Excellence in the Arts.

Additional Information and links

The Mississippi Department of Tourism has included Port Gibson information as part of two tours. One is African-American Heritage and the other is Civil War History. You may also be interested in our Bed and Breakfast accommodations.

There is a page with information on Claiborne County that contains general and genealogical information with quite a few good links and instructions on how to join an active mailing list dealing with local genealogy.

Port Gibson Main Street is developing a site. At the moment, it has details on the Annual Heritage Festival.

The Port Gibson Chamber of Commerce can provide additional information:
Port Gibson Visitor's Center

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