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 Family Money Math Night Kit (link to download resources)

 Family Money Math Nights are a great way to get parents involved and expand math education into the home.  And what better way to teach math than through money!  Everyone has an interest in money – parents and children alike.  Schools are committed to closing the achievement and opportunity gap for all children and to accomplish this, the full support and involvement of students’ families is necessary.

 Family Money Math Nights are developed by the Kentucky Council on Economic Education through funding by Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky (TMMK).  Our goal is to engage families in their children’s learning and academic development.  This kit includes hands-on activities for preK-5 students and their parents working together to learn about earning, spending, and saving, using math applications.  

 This kit is a collection of some of the best Math and Money/Personal Finance activities from the Internet.  Kentucky schools can use this Kit which contains a Guide, Marketing material, Activities, Surveys to develop their own Family Money Math Night.  KCEE will work with your school to help in development of your event.  Please contact us at 502-272-8707 or